Howler Secrets


Although Howler is still in it's fledgling stages we do have a few little features that you might not be aware of!

We've outline them here so you can get the most out of

Please note we do have a bug where some of the sub navigation elements get hidden by a sharing banner, dismiss this banner to see the sub menu options.

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Start a Joke

You would of already seen this but just incase you haven't, you can start a joke by clicking the big button titled 'Start a joke' after you've signed in. For those on the iOS app you're looking for a Plus icon in the red menu bar.

This is one of our core features, starting jokes will lead to multiple punchlines on the same topic.

Give it a go, start a joke.

Add a Punchline

The other side of the site that I know most of you would already know about is the ability to add punchlines. If you haven't worked that bit out yet, click into any joke and click 'Add Punchline' for you to be whisked to our scary blank punchline page.

Type something funny and submit it for all to see. Your joke will instantly drop into the latest feed which is the busiest page on our site so someone will almost certainly read it.

If you're struggling with a topic to write for, visit our setups page where you can view all the half completed jokes. Something will stand out for you.

Pick a topic to write a joke about >


We rely on you guys voting so that funny people reach our coveted popular page. Your jokes can only be seen on the popular page, and it's the default landing page on the app. The more votes a joke gets the higher up the page it will appear.

The Latest feed can be overwhelming, it's a place of creativity, humour and sometimes down right strangeness.

Vote 💩 if it sucks, 👌 if it amused you or 😂 if it really made you laugh out loud.

The Joke Loop

If you click on our logo or the little shuffle icon in the menu you will land on a page chock full of jokes. Be warned, you can lose hours on this joke loop page. Each time you vote a new joke will magically load. Browse through joke, after joke, after joke, and wave goodbye to your free time.

If you vote on a joke and you want to step back to it just hit the left arrow key.

The joke loop is also available on the iOS app under 'Random Joke'.

View a random joke >

The Setup Loop

One thing that many of our users don't realise is you can get to a random setup by visiting (different to setups as a list because it excludes an 's') 😂

You can keep getting a random setup by manually refreshing your browser, ideal for those looking for inspiration. We have over 3000 setups at the moment so scrolling through them all could take time, this random function just hits you with something from the archive.

View a random setup >


Each individual joke page has a link to share jokes on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. We plan on adding lots more social sharing options in the future, including converting the jokes into images for you Instagram users. Why not let us know what social media platforms you'd like to share jokes on?

When you click share a banner will pop up, simply click the logo and share away! You will be promoted to share, feel free to edit the text and make each share personal.

All the jokes have unique IDs, on the web you can click into the full joke and look at the URL, this is how you know if you've gained a milestone joke (i.e joke 25,000).

Share some jokes >


When you sign up we enrol you into our Daily Digest, giving you an overview of the days best jokes and an update of where you are in our global leaderboard. BUT! there are even more email notifications that you can opt into.

Head to your profile and click 'Edit Profile', scroll down and voila! you will see options to get email notifications for every vote, every new follower and every new punchline added to one of your setups. How cool.

p.s have you noticed the squiggly line by your profile picture? that's a feed of your notifications, click to see who voted, followed you and who's added punchlines.

You can opt out of the daily digest email in your settings.

View your notifications >

Following feed.

You may of noticed an empty feed by our logo called 'Following'. This changes when you follow users. It's a really simple system, follow users and only see jokes from people you follow. The latest feed can get a bit crazy and not all jokes are funny (well maybe to someone, somewhere right?)

When you follow people not only do they get a notification to say you've followed them you also can subscribe to their activity.

The Following feed is a great way to customise your Howler experience.

Your following feed >

All the Punchlines

If you click on a setup (latest>setups) you can see all the punchlines listed below the setup. Ideal for when you're unsure if the joke you have in mind has already been written.

Another way to get to this feature is within the main joke loop page, you will see a little link icon next to the timestamp, this will take you to the page with all the setups punchlines.

Not currently available in iOS.

All the punchlines >

The magnifying glass in the main menu bar is a search (of course it is right!) - Use this search to well, search. Perfect to find setups and jokes with topics you want to write about.

Search >


Our leaderboard is where things can get competitive, this is the place where you can find out how funny you are vs other amateur comedians.

Did you know you can toggle the leaderboard to see only your followers positions or the order in which the people you follow are ranked.

Click the sub bar on the website to see this.

View our Leaderboard

Our iOS App

Don't forget to download our app for your iPhone and leave us a review! You can download it here.

While it isn't as advanced as our website version it is good for joking on the go.

Download our App >

Information about us!

If you click our ••• menu in the navigation bar you can find more about us, the team behind Howler. You can also read our terms, privacy policy and contact information.

Oh we have a FAQ too.

In the meantime enjoy some jokes and follow us on Twitter as @howlerco