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We talk to our current number one, top dog, big cheese about his comedy inspirations, early memories and favourite Howler users.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I live in Whitby, Ontario, Canada on the shores of Lake Ontario. I have a renovations business, I act in local theatre and run a French conversation club.

What kind of comedy really tickles you and why?

Two Ronnies

I have always loved the work of Douglas Adams and his timeless warped sense of humour. I grew up watching the Two Ronnies, Wayne & Shuster, Laugh In and a lot of great comedy variety shows.

I mainly watch stand-up comedy specials and the Australian series Rake is particularly brilliant. I like misdirection in comedy and jokes because it's so much more fun when you don't see the punchline coming.

Tell us about your comedy heroes.


Who do I like to watch? Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Papa, Kitty Flanagan, Gary Gulman, Mike Birbiglia, Danny Bhoy, Jim Gaffigan, Elon Gold, Arj Barker, Ron James, Gerry Dee, Tim Vine and the list goes on. My preference is for comedians that don't need to be profane to be profound.

What are your favourite comedy shows on TV?

Who's Line

Who's line is it anyway? and Rake.

What are your earliest comedy memories?

Telling jokes at family events and being too young to understand the innuendo and making the adults laugh that much more.

Who are your favourite Howler users? Why are they your favourite?

Who else but the man himself, the ringmaster, @zer0mike. Putting in untold hours and dealing with all the grief of setting up a site and launching an iOS, feeding us hundreds of set ups and the list goes on. He even writes funny punchlines!

His lovely wife, @CrispyCee provides great set ups and avoids full stops and commas so I can write more creative punchlines.

I enjoy reading material from a bunch of my Howler mates: @traineejohn, @gazgagman, @kiel_phillips, @Whoelsebutalf, @KidKrumpet, @Agent57, @ArlosDad, @iChuff and others I can't remember right now.

Which of your Howler jokes are you most proud?

Well the most popular ones about Kate Moss and the Hippo critical one, I guess. There are also 500 or so that I could do without.

Whats next? any gigs lined up or happy just playing with material?


I'm playing Boris the spy in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Finally I get to be a spy in an Ian Fleming story. I am posting my own jokes daily at and on Twitter. No time for anything else.

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