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We talk to @JonathonLoizou about his comedy inspirations.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I moved to London a few years ago after finishing uni. Got a job in a supermarket after realising I don't want to work in marketing and am training up to be a manager.

What kind of comedy really tickles you and why?

On average I watch or listen to around 6-8 hours of comedy a day made up of podcasts, standup specials , sitcoms and movies. Like music, I will often pick the comedy I want to watch depending on my mood and this can be anything.

Tell us about your comedy heroes.

Bill Burr

There are so many. My current favourite is Bill Burr, I am an avid follower of his comedy and podcast and enjoy the group of comedians that were all associated with the O&A program, I like listening to this too because I love hearing comedians just hanging out and breaking balls. I don't exactly have any comedy hero because I love so many comedians and think what all of them do is amazing.

A guy called Stuart Goldsmith does a great podcast talking to comedians about comedy. If I ever got into comedy and made any success of it I would have to list him as a hero because I feel like he has given me an understanding of the circuit without having to be on it.

[Ask him about his feelings towards Stuart Lee - MH]

What are your favourite comedy shows on TV?

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm is my favourite but I really do enjoy most comedy on TV, in the last few years as I have started to watch most of my media on-line I think I have swayed more towards American shows but I enjoy watching almost anything as long as it isn't a shitty BBC One sitcom like Mrs Browns Boys, Miranda or the one with the Asian family.

What are your earliest comedy memories?

Black Adder

The first show I got into was Black Adder when I was around 8. I remember asking my Mum for the box set for Christmas. A few years later the Office came out and I was obsessed with that, it was probably the first sitcom I got really into as it aired on TV.

For actual stand ups I was restricted to watching them on TV, me and my friends would often gather from around the age of 13, to watch shows like live at the Apollo or Mock the Week.

Who are your favourite Howler users? Why are they your favourite?

Myself - I am by far the funniest person on Howler.

@zer0mike - Great idea of a site and the only user I had a brief twitter restricted chat with and when one of his jokes works I often find it the most enjoyable. Maybe because I am glad he finally got a good one. Or should I say because you finally got a good one, I assume you are reading this because you couldn't be making enough money from Howler to pay someone else to do it.

I enjoy reading some of the jokes from @Traineejohn @gazgagman and @AndyGilder. I like jokes from some other but I think as early adopters they stood out to me as the ones I enjoyed.

Also some chap called @funnyman, who I have never seen make a joke, not sure if he ever has but is following me and only me, and finds almost anything I say hilarious. He has great taste.

Which of your Howler jokes are you most proud?

None of them are great but I suppose any that get voted good by the others that I like.

[No way! It's this one - MH]

Whats next? any gigs lined up or happy just playing with material?

My dream is to be involved in comedy some how, so I know I need to open mic eventually, but laziness and being great at making up excuses restrict me from that. It's a shame, not for me , for everyone I could be making laugh. Eyyyyyyy.

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