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We talk to @PunkyFonzie about his comedy inspirations and what really makes him laugh!


What kind of comedy really tickles you and why?

Sean Lock

I like dry, witty, meaningful observational comedy with a hint of surrealism. Sean Lock talking about celebrities advertising to your kids, but no longer through the medium of TV, but through your letter box. Hilarious.

Taking something to it's extremes to make a point about it's absurdity. Also the flights of fancy that Ross Noble goes on, I saw him in his hometown of Newcastle years ago, and most of the show was based on a gun shop down the road that had a flamingo in the window. Fantastic - and would only work in that city. Wish I'd seen another show in the tour to see where that one went.

Also Stuart Lee, belittling everything including his audience. Now that takes balls, skill and high intelligence. Brilliant.

Tell us about your comedy heroes.

Ronnie Barker

I remember being about 9 and doing a news bulletin sketch for school with a best friend ala The Two Ronnies which I adored, loved Porridge and Open all Hours, so Ronnie Barker has to be up there (I even liked Clarence). Also the Pythons and their absurdity, especially the Life of Brian.

What are your favourite comedy shows on TV?

Friday Night Dinner

Nowadays? Well the panel show rules and Have I Got News For You still holds it's own also, 8 out of 10 Cats is great. Of recent sitcoms Man Down and Friday Night Dinner have been particularly good I think.

(Friday Night Dinner is hilarious. - MH)

What are your earliest comedy memories?

Tommy Cooper

15th of April 1984 - I remember watching while Tommy Cooper literally died on stage, I was 5. Everybody in the room thought it was part of the act.

Who are your favourite Howler users? Why are they your favourite?

I like the left field thinkers, the people that don't take a joke straight on.

(I think @traineejohn is particularly smart at this! - MH)

Which of your Howler jokes are you most proud?

I love the joke about the Greek economy being so bad that holiday-makers now have to bring their own loo paper home (Link), but I am most proud of being the only person that came up with Turd rock from the Sun punchline (Link) for Nasa discovering what happens to human waste in space. It seems quite popular.

Whats next? any gigs lined up or happy just playing with material?

Watch this space. I have a ten month old keeping me on my toes but I hoping to be gracing a stage near you in the not too distant future.

(Awesome, good luck! - MH)

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