Weekly setup round up – 26th October

From wacky news to clever wordplay, we take a look at a few of the setups that have really tickled our fancy over the last seven days.

Automobiles featured heavily last week, whether they’re driving themselves or submitting to an amorous man from Suffolk. Howler users have also had some health concerns around meat and hot women, both of which are known to be greasy, delicious and deadly.

I got one of these new self driving cars

by @zer0mike

Google Car

Be it glasses, watches, socks or shirts, there is always a way to make your life more tech orientated. (Next they’ll be inventing an app for joke writing...oh wait…yeah...that’s us). The latest development from cheerful internet overlords Google is the Google Car. Apparently they’re much safer than relying on human judgement, and in no way herald the total annihilation of our race in a Maximum Overdrive style apocalypse.

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Suffolk man had sex with 450 tractors

by @geokypan

The Wurzles

This story brings a whole new meaning to the Wurzles Hit “I’ve Got a Brand New Combine Harvester”. It was reported last week that a man in Suffolk, UK has been making sweet love to tractors. Apparently he’s assualted over 450 agricultural machines. Local sheep are said to be relieved.

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Eating too much sausage and bacon can kill you

by @geokypan

Processed Meat

You know it’s a slow news week when the journalists start fear mongering around the humble sausage (absolutely not a euphemism!). But like it or not the World Health Organisation have published research saying we should eat less processed meats. Bad luck if you’re David Cameron, good news if you have shares in tofu farms.

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Approaching a hot girl can make me nervous

by @bobbbb

Some of our users are actually quite shy; the jokes are just a front to cover their sensitive, brooding personalities, making it for them hard to approach good-looking women. Other Howler users are just genuinely concerned about body temperature. Don’t worry folks, here are some helpful tips on how to talk to the fairer sex.

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