Weekly setup round up – 2nd Nov

From wacky news to clever wordplay, we take a look at a few of the setups that have really tickled our fancy over the last seven days.

It was a menagerie of joke topics last week, with fish breeding, insect cereal and a big bad wolf. As always, we laughed, oh how we laughed. And we were sick, just a little tiny bit, in the backs of our throats. Happy howling folks!

pregnant fish

I started to breed fish at home

by @zer0mike

In the real world fish breeding is actually pretty technical. In the minds of Howler users, there are some pretty weird and wonderful ways to create little baby swimmers. This joke emerges from the warped imagination of our very own @zer0mike.

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insect muesli

Babies put at risk after packets of baby muesli found to contain insects

by @karenjj

Cow & Gate have recalled baby muesli after it was found to contain insects. Now this is pretty bad, but it’s not as bad as other stuff to turn up in baby food such as glass. In fact in some countries insects are considered a delicacy. Kids today, they don’t how lucky they are.

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little red riding hood

Erotic version of Little Red Riding Hood accidentally sent to hundreds of primary school libraries

by @gaz_cordery

Teachers don’t have any easy job at the best of times, so imagine having to explain the birds and the bees to your young pupils, by way of the Brothers Grimm. That’s exactly what happened last week when a saucy version of the classic children’s fairytale was accident ally sent to hundreds of primary schools.

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Jesus statue

Stolen Jesus statue is returned with a fresh coat of paint

by @zer0mike

Thou shalt not steal, but is stealing still a crime if the item in question is returned with a lovely face lift? The stolen Jesus statue inspiring punchlines last week came back with a fresh lick of paint. Even if it is a sin it doesn’t really matter, the thief is obviously pretty devout and can just ask for forgiveness.

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