Weekly setup round up – Oct 12th

From wacky news to clever wordplay, we take a look at a few of the setups that have really tickled our fancy over the last seven days.

Literary inspiration, various shades of horror, a middling sandwich metric and Craig David’s fridge; Howler users didn’t disappoint us last week.

Oranges are not the only fruit…


Who says that you can’t find comedy in serious literature about Christian fundamentalists and a closeted lesbian adolescent? The title of the award winning novel by Jeanette Winterson has resulted in some pretty funny punchlines. What next? Perhaps “Sense and Sensible Footwear”, “Stig of the Dump: The Cappuccino Years” or “The Bible 2: This time its personal”. Either way, titles of books seems to be a good source of inspiration.

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I've just bought a six inch sub…


Only six inches?! Why not go for the full 12 PartyPants? Either way this play on words has led to some funny visuals of Howler User Bath Times. And on second thoughts six inches is probably best, think of the calories for goodness sake.

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My serial killer name would be…


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…flu season! Only joking, its Halloween time. So why not have a few jokes about the darker side of our users’ psyche and find out how they would reinvent themselves as a serial killer. We love a good scare and some of these punchlines are truly shocking, in both a good and bad way.

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A convicted sex offender with a prosthetic ear is on the run in London…

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Moving on to real life terror and this set up, which stems from a horrifying news story about a sex offender on the run from a mental health facility. The story itself isn't necessarily a barrel laughs, but a prosthetic ear is surely quite a give away for a criminal in hiding? It’s given us a few chuckles at the least.

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I just bought one of those 'Craig David' fridges...


We finish our round up in the glorious heyday of early millennium UK R&B. Craig David is truly the king of that musical genre, reigning supreme with his catchy single Seven Days. The lyrics from the chorus are the cause for hilarity, cataloguing what he did each day of the week (SPOILER ALERT – mostly making love) culminating in his lovely relaxing chill day on Sunday. Nowadays it would be we “Netflix and Chilled” on Sunday, so basically more love making.

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That was last week, and just a small sampling of over 10,000 unique jokes on Howler.co. Add a setup or punchline and who knows, maybe we'll be featuring your joke on our blogs in the next coming weeks.

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